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About The Magic Shop

Founded in 1984, The Magic Shop is a composition studio for Emmy winning composer and recording artist Christopher Hedge

and his team of up-and-coming composers.


For over thirty years of production we have worked with legendary artists including Paul Horn, Neil Young and David Grisman. Our commercial clients include Intuit, Dell, Apple, Oracle, and Genentech, among many others. Our field recordings for documentary have been in Peru, Spain, Paraguay, Bolivia, Bhutan, Beqa Island - Fiji, Borneo and many other locations.


Our soundtracks for broadcast are oriented around national and international release, primarily “Frontline,” PBS Series and Specials, and documentary films.We also are known for sound design including the California Academy of Sciences Morrison Planetarium.


The Magic Shop is dedicated to integrity, originality and long lasting relationships with artists, producers and directors.

Meet The Team


John Paul Labno is a Bay Area composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been writing, recording and performing for over twenty years. 

chris 1.jpg

Christopher Hedge has spent a lifetime immersed in music, composing and recording all over the world, as well as composing over 1,000 original works, and numerous albums and soundtracks as a solitary composer and in collaboration.


Sammi Joy is a songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist who is passionate about neuroscience and neuromusicology.

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