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If there ever was a time for a
Home Studio

At the close of 2019, I decided to build a production suite at home. I never knew that it would be so needed.

We're all reeling from a "new normal" with many of us locked out of our facilities and working from home.

Our projects must go on...

This means that you have an answer when you need work done, whether it's a small fix or a full soundtrack.

I designed it to be a mastering room, so it has a reference immersive mix environment.

It's running the full power of Pro Tools HD, Adobe Cloud, Frame I/O and Terabytes of sound and instruments.

It's the result of decades of collecting tools and building studios.


Most important... It's up and running for you, right now.

Music - Editing - Soundtrack - Mix

Text me at 650-766-7872 and we'll get it done together

Christopher Hedge

The Details

Recording studios love to list their gear. I love my studio and it has everything I can think of to inspire me. There's information here that you may find useful. Then there are some things, like a partial list of musical instruments, that you might just enjoy. People like me really geek out on this stuff.

Most of this is in the Home Studio pictured above.

The rest is at the Ocean Studio on Miramar Beach

Some are a bit obscure... Read on...


Schedule -  I'm available while you are reading this. I do sleep at night, but I'm willing to be "on - call" when you need me. My commute is about thirty seconds, so... 


Communication - I'm usually in session, so text (650-766-7872) is easier to respond to than phone calls. I strive to be extremely responsive. To exchange work and share online, I use Frame I/O - Zoom - Hightail - DropBox or whatever you use. My internet is about 330Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. 

Budget - I am very flexible and you know your budget. Tell me your target price and I will do my best to accommodate it.  We'll work it out. I bill with Quickbooks and it allows you to pay online, via email, with all methods.

Audio Software - Avid ProTools - Ableton Live - Adobe Audition - Logic - Digital Performer - Etc.


Premium Music Software - Vienna Symphony - Output - Kontakt - SampleTank - East West Composer Cloud


Video - Adobe Premier (all Cloud Apps) - Final Cut Pro - NLA Video Sync - All Resolutions


Immersive Audio - Dolby Atmos - AudioEase 360 PanSuite - Anymix - FB360 - Oculus - Waves NX


Formats - Stereo 192k (all resolutions) - 5.1 - 7.1 - 7.1.2


Audio Hardware - Custom Vella 5.1 Speakers - Genelec 5.1 - Grace Monitor - Bryston & Hafler Amps


Computers - iMac Pro - 2x Mac Pro Network and 20TB Archive - Cintiq Pro24 Touch Screen - LG Screens


Microphones - Neuman TLM170 - Neuman KM184 - AKG C414 - PZM - Holophone - Sennheiser Ambeo - Field package with Lav - Boom - Telinga Parabolic - Hydrophones - Sennheiser Binaural and head - Mixer - Fostex and Zoom recorders - PortaBrace and harness


Instruments - The Fun Part - Yamaha Disklavier Upright Piano - Baby Grand Piano - 7X Guitars - 3X Bass - Cello - Violin - Mandolin - Ukulele - Banjo - Roland Drums - AKAI MPK88 Keys - Harp - Balafon - Psaultry

Alto Flute - Cedar Flute - Pan Flute - Khene Flute - Bamboo Flutes - Recorder - Arp Odyssey - 3X Synclavier - Didgeridoo - Silent Cello - Charango - Birimbao - ROLI Seaboard - Buchla Lightning - 2X Trumpets - Balinese Angklung - 3X Kalimba - 5X Tibetian Bowls - Lap Steel Guitar - African Drum - Zendrum - Cajon - Tabla - Percussion instruments by the pound

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